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Full Article: Indie Game Magazine features Goodnight Butcher


Goodnight Butcher is an upcoming PC title by Perfect Square Studios. Players inhabit the role of a lone butcher as they explore the Happy Knife Butchery. Guided by an ominous handbook, the butcher must use saws, mincers, and grinders to prepare and deliver various meat products in exchange for points. As players progress, they will continue to uncover the mysteries surrounding the butchery and the protagonist’s identity. Point increases also correlate with an escalating danger of monster encounters and environmental hazards.

Appearances may be deceiving, however, as players will have to figure out if the threats they face are real or hallucinations. After honing their skills, hardcore players can test themselves in the challenging Nightmare Mode, which entails preparing meat as fast as possible without dying.

Goodnight Butcher focuses on arcade-style gameplay, implementing simple and intuitive controls across 13 sinister areas. The psychological horror game also features hand-drawn graphics and frame-by-frame animations in place of pixel art. The project is currently collecting votes in the Steam Greenlight process, and if the game receives enough votes, it will be available for purchase this Halloween through Steam.

For more information on what awaits in the Happy Knife Butchery, check out Goodnight Butcher and Perfect Square Studios on GreenlightFacebook, and Twitter.

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