Coming Soon – People Eater Beta Testing on GetBetaKeys

Coming Soon – People Eater Beta Testing

People Eater is a procedural roguelike bullet dodger with six playable monsters, fifty upgrades, over one hundred destructible objects, endless replayability, and an original soundtrack which will be included free with the PC version of the game. People Eater was created with inspirations from Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon, Binding of Isaac, and Spelunky.

GamePlay Summary

• Six playable monsters, each with their unique ability.
• 50 unlockable upgrades which stay with you after death.
• Five intense boss fights and five massive, unique levels.
• Procedural generation makes every level and boss different each time.
• Over 100 destructible objects.
• Original soundtrack with 13 songs.
• Online Leaderboards
• Controller support


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