Overwhelmingly positive response for People Eater Beta Test Launch

Overwhelmingly positive response for People Eater Beta Test Launch

A few hours ago we launched out a beta test for our newest game. We received an overwhelmingly positive response for People Eater beta test Launch on GetBetakeys.com. Our social media team posted the information about the keys on a few websites, and our friends and family did the rest. Within two hours, 700 of the 1,500 were downloaded by gamers across the world, and the remaining keys were gobbled up soon after.

At 7:00 PM (19:00) EST the game was all over social media. People were joining our Discord Chat https://discord.gg/X3jhHvj, and our leaderboards had more people playing than one page could display.

GetBetaKeys Crashed

The excitement over the People Eater Beta was so intense it caused the GetBetaKeys servers to crash. GetBetaKeys was an absolute pleasure to work with. Their team responded immediately to their website outage and increased the resources for their server and encouraged people on social media to keep trying to receive a beta key.

People Eater Community

We plan to release the full version of People Eater on July 25, 2017. Part of the beta testing is to build a community around People Eater. Our website is undergoing a makeover, we launched a Discord chat room, and are encouraging gamers to use our steam community. People Eater is our most ambitious project to date, and we need your support. Please join one of our community resources and if there is anything you need, want, or issues arise, please message us.

People Eater Summary

A vicious, man-eating monster has escaped. And that monster is you! Rampage, devour and dodge your way through endless procedurally generated levels. Overcome harrowing boss fights, unlock new monsters and upgrades, and compete for first place in the leaderboards. Sate your hunger or die trying.

Thank you for all your support. Have a fantastic day.

For more information on people eater visit: https://perfectsquarestudios.com/all-game-list/peopleeater/

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