Flipping Puzzles: How big can you make it?

A game unlike any other puzzle game before. You have complete control, no time limit. Just you the board and strategy. Can you meet the objective? Your chance is coming up. In a couple weeks, Beta testing starts for Grimoire: Puzzles of Power. Test your skills, how big can you flip it?

Demo Coming Soon!

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It’s Amazing! Grimoire: Puzzles of Power

You think it is just like another match three game, but it is on an entirely different level. Flip the entire row or column, match three, four, five and someone even matched eight this weekend at East Coast Game Conference. We had a lot of fun. We had some exciting announcements:
1. was Grimoire: Puzzles of Power Demo is almost complete. Check out http://www.puzzlesofpower.com for updates.
2. a video podcast is coming soon
3. we want to change our youtube URL, and we need 100 subscribers. Please subscribe and check out us out.

~Perfect Square Studios

Grimoire: Puzzles of Power Tutorial

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Playthrough Giveaway

We have the results of our giveaway! At our Playthrough booth, we took names and emails in our fish bowl for a chance to win a remote control helicopter. Today we threw them all at a bucket a few times until we had only one that landed in the bucket. The winner will be notified later today!

(The names in the image have been blurred to protect everyone’s privacy)

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Post-Playthrough GC

We had so much fun at Playthrough Game Con! Thank you everyone who came by our booth and everyone who helped run the convention. We can’t wait to do it again next year. @PlaythroughGC


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Playthrough Game Convention

We have a booth at Playthrough Game Convention in Raleigh NC Saturday February 13th and Sunday February 14th. Come say hello! We will have Goodnight Butcher on display and will be available to answer questions. Get your tickets at http://www.playthroughgc.com/

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Goodnight Butcher NOW Available on Steam

Goodnight Butcher has just been made available on Steam!

Get it here – http://store.steampowered.com/app/426040/

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Goodnight Butcher Steam Release Friday Dec 18th!

We are only 4 days away from launching Goodnight Butcher on the Steam Store! The game will become unlocked 2pm EST on Friday December 18th!



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Thank you, everyone

We’re so excited that we got greenlit. We’d like to thank all the butchers who voted and helped make this possible. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’re in the process of getting Goodnight Butcher on the Steam Store, which takes time. Our hope was to release on Halloween, but since we got greenlit yesterday, we’ll have to shoot for an early November release.

-Sam n’ Xan

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Goodnight Butcher 2nd Week Report

Hello World. GNB has been on greenlight for two weeks now and we are so thrilled with the responses we’ve received! This game and greenlight page are the culmination of efforts by a two man team in Raleigh NC. We spent the last year designing, creating, and testing GNB in what little spare time we had and never could have anticipated what it has become when we first set out on this journey. The opportunity to share our passion with the world would be a dream come true for us. Thank you for your support.

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Goodnight Butcher for SALE!

Goodnight Butcher is officially for sale now! GNB is in the Groupees “Bundle of the Damned 4” as the bundle’s Second Premium Bonus game! When a total of 4,000 bundles have been sold, then everyone who buys a bundle (or had already bought a bundle) gets Goodnight Butcher included!

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