People Eater Beta Patch 0.95.9 Notes!

We’ve been hard at work improving People Eater based on your feedback and we’re very excited to show you the results so far. Here are the changes you’ll see when you update to version 0.95.9.


  • Intro video can now be skipped.
  • Added an “Are you sure” pop up box when Quitting or Restarting in-game.
  • Adaptation Select menu is now easier to navigate with a gamepad/controller.
  • New Ability Tips added to the user interface to better indicate when Specials and Lunges are available for use. Can be disabled in Options.
  • Dotted lines connecting rockets to the tank in Level 1-4 got replaced with a line of arrows which aim at the tank.
  • Dodge Roll ability of agent enemies improved.
  • Final polish on lightning particles and end cutscene in Level 1-X.
  • Enemy count increased on Level 1-9.
  • Bullet Sponge adaptation effect decreased from 2 seconds to 1 second.


  • The player will no longer spawn on spikes in level 1-9.
  • Fixed text error in the end cutscene.

For more information on People Eater head over to

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