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Are you ready to take the Grimoire challenge?

Are you ready to take the Grimoire challenge? People expressed how addicting this game is and its only been out a day.  Will you take the challenge?  Download the demo and leave us some feedback about what your favorite part is.  We are going to share screenshots, videos, and feedback

Playthrough Giveaway

We have the results of our giveaway! At our Playthrough booth, we took names and emails in our fish bowl for a chance to win a remote control helicopter. Today we threw them all at a bucket a few times until we had only one that landed in the bucket.

Goodnight Butcher 2nd Week Report

Hello World. GNB has been on Greenlight for two weeks now, and we are so thrilled with the responses we’ve received! This game and greenlight page are the culmination of efforts by a two man team in Raleigh NC. We spent the last year designing, creating, and testing GNB in

Goodnight Butcher for SALE!

Goodnight Butcher is officially for sale now! GNB is in the Groupees “Bundle of the Damned 4” as the bundle’s Second Premium Bonus game! When a total of 4,000 bundles have been sold, then everyone who buys a bundle (or had already bought a bundle) gets Goodnight Butcher included!

Check it out, our first article!

Full Article: Indie Game Magazine features Goodnight Butcher Written by: NICK BORGES-SILVA Goodnight Butcher is an upcoming PC title by Perfect Square Studios. Players inhabit the role of a lone butcher as they explore the Happy Knife Butchery. Guided by an ominous handbook, the butcher must use saws, mincers, and grinders to

Blue Screen of Steam Greenlight

Blue Screen of Steam Greenlight – Perfect Square Studios Sorry to say, Steam is showing us a pretty blue screen.  Check back in a couple hours and vote for our game. Sorry for the inconvenience.