people-eater-grimoirePeople Eater and Grimoire: Puzzles of Power

Raleigh, North Carolina, October 7, 2016– Perfect Square Studios LLC is proud to announce we are participating in GAMEACON Video Game convention in Atlantic City.  We invite you to come to this high-intensity 3-day event filled with speakers, video game companies, cosplayers, games to play and various forms of entertainment.

“We are very proud to be showcasing People Eater and Grimoire at our GAMEACON booth. We are committed to releasing fun, polished, and bug-free games. Fans should know that we value their feedback on our games and they influence our decisions significantly to achieve those goals. We are very thankful for the opportunity to present our games.” CEO Sam Kushner

This year we want your feedback.  We have two brand new games not yet released for primetime.  We are going to have beta testing, live social media, and a raffle prize waiting for you to win at our booth.

“Gameacon is the only conference of its kind — one that combines the business-to-business networking and educational opportunities of the GDC with the entertainment and public feedback aspects of Magfest or Pax. And it all focuses exclusively on independent game developers from around the world. Our mission is to help promote independent artists in game creation by providing a space for them to showcase their work, the opportunity to reach an audience who craves to see it, and a forum to learn from each other. Not only will there be one of the largest collections of indie developers on the east coast exhibiting their games, there will also be a host of other fun activities to draw in crowds to see and play those games. For industry professionals, there will be seminars and panels, networking mixers, meeting spaces and awards to recognize great work. For fans, there will be Cosplay parties, panels, & contests, LARPing, a Smash Invitational, Laser Tag, Vendors, Magic the Gathering events, Halloween fun, and more “ Ari Fox, GAMEACON Producer

Founded in 2015, Perfect Square Studios, is an up and coming game company which was established to create games packed with value and entertainment for all.

For More Information

Perfect Square Studios

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Vote for People Eater Greenlight

People Eater is LIVE on Steam Greenlight. Please vote YES!

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Our New Game, People Eater


We’re excited to announce that our next game, People Eater, will be on Steam Greenlight August 19th. Rampage, devour, and dodge your way through endless procedurally generated levels. Overcome harrowing boss fights and unlock up to 6 playable monsters and 50 upgrades. Check it out at

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We Love Video Games

Entertainment for all ages and genres.  We hope you have as much fun playing them as we do.

Puzzle Games

Horror Games

Rogue Games

Please Rate, Review, and/or leave Feedback

Have a safe 4th of July!

Love your friends at

Perfect Square Studios

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Are you ready to take the Grimoire challenge?

People expressed how addicting this game is and its only been out a day.  Will you take the challenge?  Download the demo and leave us some feedback about what your favorite part is.  We are going to share screenshots, videos, and feedback from our community.  Can’t wait to see yours. #indiedev #puzzlesofpower #indiegame

Download Steps

  1. Go to
  2. Download button will appear after the video loads in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click “Download Demo.”
  4. Unzip Demo
  5. Select GrimoirePuzzlesOfPower_Demo_0_1 application
  6. Use the feedback form; we want to hear from you

Thank You

~ Perfect Square Studios

download demp

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Available Now – Grimoire: Puzzles of Power

Early access to a puzzle game unlike any you have played before.  You can flip sigils, match sigils, make magical spells.  At first, it appears like a normal match 3, but then the sigils slide in from the left, and you can flip as many pieces as you want.   Download Now at, unzip the file and play the game.GPoP_Fire

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Set a Reminder for Saturday Night

We are so excited to share our new game.  We are ready to launch the Demo for Grimoire: Puzzles of Power.Check out our website and download this amazing game Saturday at 10 PM.

Game for all Ages

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To our Friends and Family,

GPoP_Freeze.pngWe have exciting announcements, beta testing for Grimoire: Puzzles of Power starts soon.  In addition we are gearing up for a video podcast on game and business development with a focus on indie game companies.  This video podcast will be centered around a new game from start to finish, your questions will provide motivation and guidance for us to help you.    Please  leave your comments for Christy in the form below or comment on this article.

On a side note,  are going out of the country and will return on the evening of May 9, 2016.  We will respond to your emails as soon as possible.


Perfect Square Studios

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Flipping Puzzles: How big can you make it?

A game unlike any other puzzle game before. You have complete control, no time limit. Just you the board and strategy. Can you meet the objective? Your chance is coming up. In a couple weeks, Beta testing starts for Grimoire: Puzzles of Power. Test your skills, how big can you flip it?

Demo Coming Soon!

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It’s Amazing! Grimoire: Puzzles of Power

You think it is just like another match three game, but it is on an entirely different level. Flip the entire row or column, match three, four, five and someone even matched eight this weekend at East Coast Game Conference. We had a lot of fun. We had some exciting announcements:
1. was Grimoire: Puzzles of Power Demo is almost complete. Check out for updates.
2. a video podcast is coming soon
3. we want to change our youtube URL, and we need 100 subscribers. Please subscribe and check out us out.

~Perfect Square Studios

Grimoire: Puzzles of Power Tutorial

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